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        Qilu paint appeared in 2018 Shanghai International Paint Exh

        Qilu paint appeared in 2018 Shanghai International Paint Exhibition
        On July 6, 2018 China International Paint Expo and 19th China International Paint Exhibition -- China Paint Industry Reform and Opening Up 40th Anniversary Achievement Exhibition came to a close in Shanghai, the achievements of the exhibition highlighted the development and change of China Paint over the past 40 years and brilliant achievements, And a comprehensive display of the coating industry outstanding enterprises in the Chinese coating industry through the extraordinary 40 years at the same time, to show new technology, new products. Qilu paint industry as a domestic coating industry influential enterprises, was invited to participate in the exhibition. Within 3 days, the booth received thousands of customers from home and abroad, which made a good publicity for Qilu Paint Industry and received a very good effect.
        In this exhibition, Qilu Paint Industry mainly exhibited water-based industrial paints and graphene coatings with extremely environmental protection characteristics.
        Water-based industrial paint - environmental protection guard
        Construction is simple, safe and environmental protection
        Excellent resistance to stain and abrasion, washable and scrubbing
        Excellent solvent corrosion and rust resistance, can penetrate into welding cracks, stable weather resistance
        Used in shipbuilding, bridge and other steel structures and chemical equipment.
        It is not only the preferred product of industrial protection, but also a great hero of environmental protection.
        The paint has excellent resistance to salt spray, cathodic protection and excellent shielding function. It can penetrate into welding cracks. Quick drying and excellent adhesion. It is suitable for heavy anti-corrosion environment such as shipbuilding, bridge engineering, offshore wind power, power grid equipment, steel components and chemical equipment.
        With outstanding product advantages and personalized supporting services, many merchants at the scene change to Qilu paint cast olive branch.
        Qilu Paint Co., Ltd. is committed to research and development of low-carbon and environment-friendly products, and to build green intelligent manufacturing factories. With the mission of "improving and beautifying human living environment", it takes market as the guidance and innovation as the source, serving you wholeheartedly!

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