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        New development, new idea, new pattern | Qilu spectrum new a

        New development, new idea, new pattern | Qilu spectrum new article
        March 23-25, 2021, by the Chinese coating industry association sponsored by the 2021 China international coating conference held in Chuzhou City, Anhui Province Sheraton Hotel grandly. This grand meeting brings together the most representative entrepreneurs of China's coating industry. It is a grand meeting of thousands of people with new development, new concept and new pattern. The conference was strongly supported by the People's Government of Chuzhou, Puyang and Mingguang. The government and the industry association work together to promote the new development pattern of the "14th Five-Year" of China's coating industry.

        It is reported that the meeting to "new development, new ideas, new pattern" as the theme, aimed to grasp the policy direction, to deal with the challenges, in-depth development of the latest industry policy interpretation, a comprehensive analysis of the global coating operation, for the coating industry for well-being; We should share opportunities and build an efficient communication platform for production, learning, research and exchange of needed goods and mutual benefit.

        In recent years, our company keeps up with the development trend of coating industry, hires experts at high salaries, introduces high-end talents, actively exchanges and cooperation with Liaocheng University, Qilu University of Technology and other scientific research institutions, promotes the deep integration of production, education and research, increases the technical transformation and new product research and development efforts, enhances the scientific and technological content of products, and enhances the innovation supply ability.

        The meeting, announced the paint industry high quality development enterprises, Qilu paint industry lives up to expectations, stand out won the Chinese paint industry "13th five" high quality development enterprises. (Sun Guangming, chairman of Qilu Paint Industry, accepted the award)

        Qilu paint industry will further consolidate the foundation for development, optimize the management mechanism, increase investment in research and development, improve product quality and market competitiveness, so that the enterprise can develop steadily, healthfully and rapidly, and contribute a force to the coating industry.

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