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        We will promote the replacement of old growth drivers with n

        We will promote the replacement of old growth drivers with new ones and build a green chemical industry
        On July 21, 2020, "The Ninth China Chemical Industry, Universities and Research Forum Summit in 2020" was grandly held in Weifang. During the meeting, the top 50 enterprises with chemical development potential in Shandong Province were released. The company received the award.
        The meeting gathered technology innovation and management innovation, "difference" chemical industry development trend in key areas, the standardization of the chemical industrial park management, the application of new technology of energy conservation and environmental protection, as well as petroleum and chemical industry enterprises, it studies deeply concerned about the hot and difficult issues, chemical new technology and new technology progress for the new project, seeking opportunities for development and direction, We will promote the commercialization and application of scientific and technological achievements and support the high-quality development of the high-end chemical industry.

        We will accelerate green and sustainable development
        In May of the same year, in the "2019 Green Manufacturing System Demonstration List" published by Liaocheng Industry and Information Technology Bureau, the company was rated as "Green Factory" enterprise, marking the green circular development of Qilu paint industry and accelerating the construction of green manufacturing system to a new level.
        After 35 years of development, Qilu Paint Co., Ltd. has become one of the world's top 100 paint companies integrating research and development, production, sales and service. In the future, Qilu Paint Industry will always adhere to the development road of green intelligent manufacturing and green quality, constantly adapt to the new changes in the market, realize green and sustainable development while emphasizing benefits, deepen reform, truly realize the rapid and balanced development of Qilu Paint Industry, and gradually build itself into a benchmark enterprise of green ecological coatings in the chemical industry.

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